Marco Ferrari supports Boys protest

You surely remember that our fans were not in San Paolo and why, since we talked about it before the match. Boys, Centro Coordinamento, Danè and the Parma fan base met in front of Tardini to say no to tickets price rise and to be treated as customers before than supporters.

To let you understand the link between the fan base and the Club, the big family feeling that we are so proud of, we report a post on Facebook by Marco Ferrari, one of the Magnificient Seven of our Renaissance and Vice President and spokesman of Nuovo Inizio. Even if these words were published as a private citizen and not in a press conference they can give you the measure of the humanity we are lucky to be surrounded by.

“Higher prices and worst stadiums. Telematic odyssey for a ticket purchase. Rules that seems to be written to keep people far from the stadium. Clap your hands for Parma fans, that today said “no”, staying home and sending everybody a clear and strong message”.

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