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Boys Parma 1977 was founded on 3rd august 1977 in Osteria “Parma Rotta” by a group of fellows that used to go to Tardini Curva Sud and that would like to open a new way of supporting, different from the Centro Coordinamento Parma Clubs one.

Since then, generations by generations, the tradition continued in Curva Nord, still remaining the only Ultras Group in Parma. Over 40 years of longevity means that the Group has been capable of surviving to generation turnover, both natural or forced.

The history of the Group can be divided into four main periods:

1977 to 1986: this era is characterized by the beginning of an Ultras movement in Parma and the definition of an identity for the Group. Like another group called Danè did before, were chosen for Boys yellow and blue colors (the town colors) even if the Club used to play with a white black-crossed jersey at that time. First big generational turnover took place after the consequences of fights during a derby with Reggiana on 4th may 1986.

1986 to 1994: who remained after post-derby repression had the hard responsibility  to bring on the Group name and banner. This generation passed throught winning days, Wembley historical experience, until the second “breaking point”, after another derby against Reggiana on 6th April 1994, when the feeling among many was that Parma let Reggiana win to allow them stay in Serie A. This caused a total split in the group between who would stop supporting the team on following matches and who would like to sing anyway, as it happened. After Copenaghen Winners’ cup final on 4th may 1994 the break was clear: following away match in Napoli was attended just by 25 Boys.

1994 to 2005: Since 1994 derby, a second group called “Potere Crociato” was born, composed mainly by the older Boys, and for 10 years Curva Nord was sadly split. The opening of an headquarters – in via Calestani –  has been the important turning point that helped to merge the Group and  integrate the new generations that joined the community.

2005 to nowadays: After winning playout against Bologna the current era started and is characterized by a big opening to the town and the rest of the fan base. If before the Group was more self-referential now it acts feeling that sort of responsibility that comes when a big part of the town feels identified with you even if not officially member of Boys. This is why, during last 10 years and especially during the bankruptcy, Boys have been the only bastion, the only certainty while everything was collapsing.

Boys Parma 1977 was recognized in 2007 by Parma town with “Premio Sant’Ilario”, a recognition to meritorious citizens and institutions, both for numerous charity ventures organized and the dedicated presence on the territory.

After the dramatic death of Matteo Bagnaresi in March 2008, Curva Nord was named after him and the chorus “Curva Nord Matteo Bagnaresi” together with the blue banner with two yellow stars and the text “Boys” mark the Boys presence in every appearance of the Team. Since 2017 they moved into a new headquarter in Parma.

Boys Parma 1977: 43 years and counting of Ultras history in Parma, self-financed even for the bigger choreography, with no political colors, depending on nobody – not on presidents not on sponsors – stubbornly free, proudly free.

Boys Parma website:

Boys Parma Facebook Page: CrUsAdErS

(This WikiParma article in based on material collected on Boys website and from an interview by Matteo Falcone published on SportPeople – that we officially thank – in august 2018)

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