Juventus Stadium tickets are too expensive, we donate money to Pediatric Oncology Hospital

Following the protest started before Napoli game in December and unofficially supported by some Club member, Boys Parma 1977 and Centro Coordinamento Parma Clubs will fail to attend the next away game in Turin’s Juventus Allianz Stadium.

The reason is the high price in away stand, that is a big barrier for fans that weekly would like to support their club, bringing kids and families to the stadium: away stand in Turin will be 43 euro + presale right.

Boys and CCPC asked to the fan base to not attend the game in Turin but to devolve money to Pediatric Oncology Hospital in Parma. During next home matches against Lecce and Roma in Curva Nord there will be the money collection in Tardini.

Since some year Boys Parma are bringing on a campaign asking for low and fixed price for away fans of every Club. Following the fans, Parma Calcio, at the beginning of this season, tried to make deals with other clubs in order to fix the same low price in away stand. With the clubs that accepted the proposal Parma fixed a low price in away stand and got the same back: in happened in Genova (with Sampdoria), Udine, Bergamo with prices from 10 to 15 euro and kids concessions in some case too.

To make their voice louder Boys put a banner outside Juventus stadium, Tardini and Lega Calcio headquarter in Milan with written “19/1 Juve-Parma 43 euros are immoral, we want popular prices“. The venture of the protest and the benefit whip round reached national newspaper that, at last, amplified the news.

We hope that other fan bases will follow the protest an that Lega Calcio will seriously consider the idea for a low and fixed price in away stands for everyone, like it happens in other European countries. So the slogans for a “Family-friendly Calcio” will pass from being just words on paper into reality.

Who wants to join the whip round but will not be in Tardini next week can write us in order to get the info how to donate to the Parma Children Oncologic Hospital.

Football is made by fans. Never forget it.

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