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Mission of this page is to bring Parma – all “Parma world”, not just the Club – closer to abroad fans, in order to understand better that “kind of magic” all of us feel once we step into that bicycle busy streets.

This is one of the ventures we would like to bring to you: Parma Facciamo Squadra is a charity project born in 2013 thanks to the contribution of three local business Chiesi Farmaceutici, Fondazione Cariparma and Barilla Group (also part of  Nuovo Inizio, in the person of Guido Barilla) that donate one euro for every euro that the charity fundraiser gain from citizens (Multiplier Effect).


The money collected will be devolved in projects for kids in need: food and primary needs, education, sport and culture. The amount will not be given to only one association but distributes to the families really in the need that will be chosen by a council of association spread in Parma territory that works daily by this families side: Centro di Aiuto alla Vita, Rete dei Laboratori Compiti, Polisportiva Gioco, Emporio Parma, Famiglia Più, Portos, AUSER, Giocamico, Per Ricominciare.

This is why the name of the campaign is “Let’s team up”: the subjects involved are many and widespread.

There will be many fundraising ventures, the one the video – with Lucarelli, Faggiano, Carra and Piovani – refers to is “Anolini solidali”, a charity sell for handmade anolini typical parmesan dish – never call them “tortellini”! – in piazza Garibaldi next week-end.

You can also donate directly to Parma Facciamo Squadra project choosing the specific area of interest at this link:

All the info, in italian, on Parma Facciamo Squadra website.

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