Nuovo Inizio 11,7 MLN Capital Injection


Translated post from Parma Calcio official website (source:

“Parma, 17th december 2018 – Parma Calcio 1913 communicate that shareholders meeting – called as by statute on 7th December – deliberated during yesterday a Capital Injection for 11,7 million euro.

The whole amount was at the same time subscribed and put by majority partner Nuovo Inizio s.r.l in Club treasury, covering – as parasocial agreement – also PPC s.p.a 10% quote. If, in next 30 days, partner Link International (30%) will subscribe the Capital Gain too, the surplus will be given back to majority owner.

This capital gain has been necessary to cover every loss for the period accrued with 30th June 2018 balance closure, future loss at 31 December 2018 and society capital refoundation.”

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