Less than 79 euro is a fake

Many of you contacted us about the limited edition “BluCrociati” shirt made for the 5th May match against Sampdoria because you discovered around internet some “supposed” trustable sellers that are boasting about the selling of this kit at special price.

To clarify for everybody, collectors and not, in Italy, UK, Hong Kong, wherever, after we talked directly with Parma Calcio marketing departement and Erreà in the person of Aris Briselli, owner of Erreà Play Store in Parma (the only official show room and shop of Erreà in town): the price for the jersey is 99 euro and it is available ONLY from two sellers: Parma Calcio – online and in Tardini store – and Erreà – online and in Erreà Play store in Parma in via Toscanini.

Only in shops in town there is the chance for personalization with players names and number. In the moment in which we write the only names available in Tardini store are Inglese, Gervinho, Bruno Alves and Kucka and the cost for the personalization is 15 euro. It is a limited edition jersey, even with special numbers, so the Club decided to limit the names available.

Only season ticket holders can buy the shirt in Parma with a 20% discount and the Club sent some 20% discount coupon code to some frequent buyer from the online store. This is the maximum discount possible.

So, the less you could pay for a BluCrociati jersey is 79 euro (65+22% VAT) in case you buy it online with a frequent buyer coupon code – if you are in a no vat country you could have duty discount on this tax due to local rules – or if you are a Parma season ticket holder.

As both, Parma Calcio and Erreà told us, don’t trust who sell at lower price even if he is saying that kits arrive directly from the factory or from some “mysterious” distributor: kits are produced in Europe and are all located in Parma at the moment of the sell opening.

The goalkeeper red jersey was produced just for the players and will not be for public sale: don’t trust who say it is available, otherwise Parma and Erreà would have it in their store, don’t you think?

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