About Turf Moor, cricket and relatives

To be honest, we don’t know where we start from, writing this post about Parma friendly match with Burnley in Turf Moor. So, we start from the end: thank you!

Thank you to: Scottish crew (Gio and his father, Brian and his friends, Dave and Kirsty), London crazy travelers (Tom, Morris and Kristina, Daniel and Prelini, Donny & Co), James and all the kids, Lukasz from Poland, Dave the groom (and Tanya the patient bride), guys from Parma that were our guide in the Manchester Friday nightlife, Alex the Gentleman Ultra and Ale the Gentleman Legend, Boys Parma 1977 that lighted up the away stand in the second half, Parma fans we couldn’t know and ones we forgot to mention here, Burnley people that cheered with us before and after the match.

Despite logistical difficulties it has been an amazing experience to travel for one time on the opposite way and meet all of you outside Italy. Doesn’t matter if it was a friendly, it has been our return in Europe after… you know after what. And made on Boys Parma 1977 42nd birthday!

Seemed to us one of those family meetings you make now and then. At the beginning you can’t recognize all the cousins and when your about to leave time is not enough to tell each other our stories and you say goodbye promising you should meet again soon.

Yes, let’s do it again soon, guys. We don’t have to loose each other.

See you all in Tardini, see you all in an away stand, wherever. We are and will be Family everywhere.

PS: We left Burnley learning an important rule of a previously misteriuos sport for us such as cricket: in cricket clubs, the beer after the match is cheaper than before. This is an important – and the only one – rule of cricket we learned.

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