Fans meeting in Como (and Parma)

Campionato started, season tickets are for sale, fans crowd into the stadiums more and more every week and it is time also for us to be back at our normality: meeting for matches!

Next week it will be time for an important match in Como, where Parma isn’t playing since long time. The interesting thing is that the match will be on sunday 28th november night and just three days later there will be another match in Tardini against Brescia, on thursday 1st at 6 pm. It can be a good chance to watch two matches in a row and visit different cities.

For who is interested to come we will give full fans-to-fans assistance to help buying ticket in the right area (with no extra charges!), suggestions for transportation, transfers and whatever is needed.

We are also preparing a big thing for sunday 28th: a lunch all together with Parma fans of Centro Coordinamento Parma Clubs coming to Como and some friends of Como supporters “Pesi Massimi”.

We are back, in the end!

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