The Ballad of Faustino Asprilla, an eleven made in heaven

Tino birthday was few days ago, what a better way to celebrate him than a love song?

Thanks to the Norwegian band Pelicat – follow the guys on their Instagram page or YouTube – we can demonstrate one more time how football is not a matter of results, statistics, trophies and money collectors. Football is a language, is an Art that can capture the heart of passionate people. Few footballers, few Artists, pierced the heart like Tino did. We all Parma fans know this, every Newcastle fan know this, every sensitive, passionate football lover know this.

Faustino Asprilla from Tuluà, Colombia, “an eleven made in heaven” that probably will not be remembered in the alamanacs of who consider the football just a matter of data, numbers and Ballon d’Or collection, will never, never, never be forgotten by (footballistic) pure-hearted.

We all felt in love with you, Tino, with your unpredictability and your somersaults, and every time, like Pelicat say in their Ballad for Faustino Asprilla:

“And it felt like a movie

Everytime you put on your shoes

No one brought the beauty

To the beautiful game

Like you”

If this is not Love, then what is it, Love?

LISTEN and DOWNLOAD “The Ballad of Faustino Asprilla” by Pelicat

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