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Stay home, stay safe

Hint: Coruzzi

We don’t like to talk about things we don’t know about and we never wanted to go out from our main mission that is to create an international Parma fans network. But this situation worldwide – and especially in Italy – force us to spread a message, the same one you keep listening from everybody: Stay at home, and we will sooner be back meeting in Tardini.

Parma Calcio, despite the actual difficulties, is wothily providing daily contents for fans. Some of them in Italian language (players reading fairy tales to kids, video messages from Parma Legends), many others for all the fans around the world, especially via Twitter and Facebook, never forgetting to Support Parma Strongest Team.

Thanks to everyone who will follow and spread this simple message.

Stay home, Stay safe.

And we will sooner be back meeting in Tardini.

(Thanks to Coruz and Keung)

Dear Bobby: letter to a friend

[English version follows]

🇮🇹 Il nostro piccolo grande reporter Mirko ha messaggio per un amico speciale:

“Quella con la Juve è una partita molto importante. Vedo la formazione e dico “Sì, Bobby gioca!” Mi si riempiono gli occhi di gioia. In quel maledettissimo 43° minuto Bobby si fa male, i miei occhi cambiano. Diventano pieni di rabbia e ho quasi voglia di piangere. Guarda caso, dopo che Inglese esce dal campo, la Juve segna grazie a una sfortunata deviazione di Matteo Darmian. Al posto di Inglese entra Cornelius che al minuto 55 segna con uno splendido colpo di testa saltando mezzo metro più di Cristiano Ronaldo. Purtroppo la partita finisce 2-1 per la Juve.

Ora parliamo dell’infortunio di Inglese. Quando lo vedo uscire dal campo con quasi le lacrime agli occhi, mi arrabbio cosi tanto che al gol del Parma non esulto neanche.

Bobby, non so come finirà questa stagione per te, ma non scoraggiarti. Metticela tutta e non arrenderti perché quando in campo ci sei tu, è tutta un’altra cosa.

Io so che guarirai presto e tornerai più forte di prima. Ora c’è solo un’altra cosa che ti devo dire: BUONA FORTUNA


* Questa è la frase che ha accompagnato Mirko durante la terapia. Mirko è tornato a casa after one year lo scorso ottobre, e due giorni fa, a 7 mesi dal trapianto, ha partecipato a una corsa benefica i cui proventi – insieme a quelli della vendita di una maglietta con il motto di Mirko – sono andati al reparto di Oncologia pediatrica dell’Ospedale di Parma.

🇬🇧 Our little big reporter Mirko has a message for a special friend:

“The Juve match it is an important one. I see the lineup and say “Yes, Bobby plays!”. My eyes are shining with joy. In that damned 43rd minute Bobby got injured, my eyes change. They become full or rage and I almost want to cry. Coincidentally, after that Inglese is off, Juve scores thanks to a unlucky touch by Matteo Darmian. Instead of Inglese, Cornelius get in and at the 55th minute, with a wonderful header, he scores jumping half a meter more than Cristiano Ronaldo. Unfortunately the match ends 2-1 for Juve.

Now, let’s talk about Inglese’s injury. When I see him getting off I almost have tears in my eyes, I’m so angry that when Parma scores I can neither exult.

Bobby, I don’t really know how this season will end for you, but don’t give up. Go all out for it and don’t give up because when you are on the pitch, it’s all different.

I know that you’ll heal soon and that you’ll be back stronger than ever. Now there is another thing I wanna tell you: GOOD LUCK


*This is the motto that accompanied Mirko during the therapy. Mirko went home after one year past October, and two days ago, 7 months after the transplant, took part to a benefit run and the money collected – together with the ones collected with the sell of a t-shirt with his motto on – went to Pediatric Oncology Hospital in Parma.

Credit: Tiziano De Cristoforo

Happy 9th January, Parma fans

It’s 20 years and it’s still a vivid memory for all of us, Hernan Crespo “definitive goal” against juventus.

We would like to celebrate it thanks to a creative image – called “Homo Valdanito” – by Gabriele Nicoli, on Instagram, a great Parma supporter that lives outside Italy, that will be soon become a collectible pin.

It will be our way to celebrate this foundative memory for every Gialloblu fan and the town of Parma, that will be “Italian Culture Capital” for 2020.

Who is interested in the pin, please contact us by email or WhatsApp.

Football is made by fans

Today, the organized fans will not be in San Paolo Stadium to support the Team. The three bigger groups – Boys Parma 1977, Centro Coordinamento Parma Clubs and Danè – released few days ago a statement in which communicated the decision not to go to Napoli.

This decision was taken after the price for San Paolo away stand release: 40 euros (39,50 + 0.50 fee). 40 euros is a never seen price – a part for 45 in Juventus Stadium last year – for an italian away stand and is compounded by the fact that police use to let away fans in only after the match started and the condition of the building and the view are horrible. We wrote about the cage last season: Live from a cage.

Fan base choice is painful but necessary to disagree a policy that threats fans merely like customers, that consider Stadium a place for families only in talk shows, that ignore the UEFA directive that tells away fans stand have to cost the same as the lower local stand price.

As further protest Boys asked to all the fans to meet in front of Tardini at 6 PM CET (starting time of the match) and follow the match on the radio together.

We totally agree with this protest. We are worried about this way of consider fans only like customers and the way to try count something is only keep staying united.

It will be a pity to see empty stand in San Paolo and a one way support, it will be painful to give up to go to Juventus Stadium, but this is the only way to let hear our voice.

Football is made by fans.

PS: 40 euro is the same price for a low-cost ticket to Parma (landing in Parma, Bologna, Milan) or to some more welcoming town like Cagliari and back, where you can land in the morning, have good food, watch the match and go back home in 24 hours.

If you don’t dare to book because you think the organization is too complicated, contact us. We are here for this. We are a Family, never forget it.

One year ago

One year has passed since the day of the release of our first common project as a worldwide fans network: the concept, production and show of a song dedicated to Alessandro Lucarelli as a way to thank him for what he did for the Club and all of us.

Thanks to the collaboration of Plin – the Gialloblu satirical commentor – and Centro Coordinamento Parma Clubs we could make our official debut in front of all the players and board during “Natale Gialloblu”, the dinner organized by CCPC to wish merry Christmas to the Club.

It has been the first time we went under the spotlights after months of hidden networking and support to all the fans spread around the world that would like to visit Tardini or simply find someone to share their passion with.

Waiting for the new edition of Natale Gialloblu – planned on 10th December – we share with you some unreleased pictures of that night. We just wanna remember you that we are still here, in Parma and almost everywhere around the world, to help all the Hidden Crusaders feeling part of the Parma Family.

Thanks to Willi Bonati for the pictures.

Parmesan (and Emilian) food experience in London

Credit to “In Parma by Food Roots”

We know that many Parma supporters, when coming in town to watch a match, take the chance to have dinner in one of many amazing restaurants and trattorie spread in Parma town and province.

Last time we have been in London – for the First Parma Fans Worldwide Meeting – we decided to eat in restaurant suggested by trusted parmesan friends: In Parma in Fitzrovia, London. We felt the need to feel at home after more than one week around UK and, to be honest, to check if those praises to the restaurant were right.

They did.

Trust us when we say that if you feel the need to experience real, original parmesan food in London you can’t miss “In Parma” (10 Charlotte Pl, Fitzrovia, W1T 1SH, London) and sister restaurant “Via Emilia” (37a Hoxton Square N1 6NN, London), where you can find traditional dishes made with trustable original product from Food Valley.

Via Emilia is competing in these days to win the prize as Best Authentic Italian Restaurant in London 2019. To support it, vote here:

All Food Roots London restaurants links:

Via Emilia website: www.via–

Via Emilia Facebook:

Via Emilia Instagram:

In Parma website:

In Parma Facebook:

In Parma Instagram:

The first school day is a good day

Parma Calcio decided to donate a kit to every kid that started school in Parma town and province.

The venture, called “Forma la tua passione” [Cultivate your passion], is made in collaboration with Erreà and Ringo (young teams main sponsor) and consist in distributing a Crociata jersey to every kid – almost 3000 – that is starting primary school this week.

A great way to stimulate the support and testify the importance of youngers in Parma Calcio project, as made with low price ticket policy.

Get ready for a memorable choreography

Boys Parma 1977 together with Centro Coordinamento Parma Clubs just released an official statement, that doesn’t happen very often, to communicate to all the fan base to be inside the stadium already during warm up in order to coordinate a Stadium-wide choreography.

All this is economically supported by the fan base (Boys Parma and Centro Coordinamento Parma Clubs), that means that every contribution you will donate will be a real support for this kind of ventures. In every Stadium bar you’ll find a container for the fund raising.

Here the united statement:

“On Saturday a yellow and blue Tardini

A new season is coming an it will start with those 90 minutes that, for us, would never been as all the others.

A challenge that for us Crusaders has always been more than a match. A battle faced almost never in a fair way but that always saw US going out head up.

We would like to start again with the right step, to be hungry as when we wrote memorable pieces of history that nobody can forget.

We have the duty to support the guys, to let them feel all the town is with them. We will ask the participation of the WHOLE stadium, the participation of ALL the people, of ALL those who have Parma in their heart.

We are preparing a choreography that will involve all the stands, so that the guys will understand at the first sight that they will never be alone, that we fight together.

We printed thousands flags that will colour Ennio [Tardini, ndr]; at the entrance of the Curva, where we will distribute them we will ask everybody a small contribution to support the economical effort to colour Tardini with yellow and blue.

For what concern Tribunas you’ll find flags already on the seats and container for the offers in every stand’s bar.

We invite all our fan base to be on the stands already during the warm up in order to prepare as better as possible the choreography.

Now it’s our turn.

HOSTIS TUBERTUR QUIA PARMAM VIRGO TUETUR [motto on the Parma town logo: our enemy tremble because Virgo protects us]”

Boys Parma 1977

Centro Coordinamento Parma Clubs