Parma Calcio on Spotify


This is a HUGE news.

Not related with ranking, players, transfers markets, merchandising, but in some way to our mission. We always said we aim to bring Parma abroad fans closer to Parma – helping  with tickets or travel suggestion if possible, bringing messages to players like Grazie Capitano song… – and Parma closer to abroad fans, is said town atmosphere, stadium feelings.

The Club made a great step in this way by joining Spotify where created an Official channel in order to let fans listen from their devices the same playlist played before the match in Tardini on the “Matchday Playlist”

Here the link: Parma Calcio Spotify Account

Not just this: fans will have the chance to suggest songs through Instagram stories on Parma Calcio instagram profile.

For away matches, will be ask to one different player every time to tell in a video what does he listen before the match an the related playlist will be available on Parma Calcio Spotify Channel.

Well done, Parma Calcio!



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