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Midway upon the journey of this quarantine we are here to remember you to send your pictures via email to or direct message on our social networks (Instagram, Facebook or Twitter)

We are collecting – together with I più Bellelli di Parma (Facebook page and Instagram profile) – the most peculiar pictures where you wear a Parma jersey or scarf (not during Parma football matches, too easy). It can be in the middle of a forest like Rikky and friends, at a Gala event like Robert, or running a marathon like Toni. Wherever, whenever.

We are sure this quarantine made you discover some forgotten picture from your teenage years. Don’t worry, nobody will judge your hair cut. Maybe.

You could be one of the finalists, all prized with the unique Homo Valdanito pin, or the winner that will get our numbered scarf and a Bellelli t-shirt.

Come on, Crusaders!

Thanks since now to all the contributors, especially to the unknown hero that passed in front of the camera during a DJ set in Barcelona.

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