Far Away Fan Pod: a voice, finally!

Parma Fans Worldwide was born a couple of years ago, aiming to help making community and giving support to abroad Parma fans. To resume our story, read “Small Town, Big Family”

During this long route, marked by some milestones – like the collaboration with outstanding BBC journalist Mani Djazmi, the “Grazie Capitano” project, the victory of Football Blogging Award , and many meetings we had and you had in your cities – we always looked around for other organizations with the same target than us in order to built some day, who knows, a network of networks. Not that easy, it seemed we were a sore thumb.

But we finally found a voice.

There is a guy, in India, that started a very very interesting and unique podcast focused on supporters that follow far away teams. His name is Shaun and we can assure you he has a genuine interest towards your stories and the right awareness to understand and tell them.

We invite you all to download, subscribe, rate, follow Far Away Fan Podcast. It will be an impulse for him to not give up and maybe his work will be inspirational for others.

Here all the channels:


Twitter: @FarAwayFanPod
Instagram: @FarAwayFanPod

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