We did it for real

We forgot to tell you that we did it. For real.

Thanks to Il Plin for following us in this crazy project started more than 3 months ago.

What we did?

Making a video collage for Captain with more than 70 people involved from 5 continents

Showing the video to Alessandro Lucarelli and all Parma Calcio players and board and all Parma fans club presidents.

Giving him an armband with all the brave participants names (a part Róbert and Krisztián, that arrived late for the print and that we want to thank here)

Giving Bruno Alves a welcome armband with all the 114 flags of the countries “touched” by http://www.parmafansworldwide.com and where is supposed to be at least one Hidden Crusader.

Make Parma people laugh, cry, realize that this Club has REAL FANS abroad.

Make abroad fans realize that in Parma, probably, they will always find open doors. You just have to knock.

As said on Tuesday night, thanks to Nicolò, Beppe, Jonathan, Angelo and all Centro Coordinamento Parma Clubs for their support.

And also thanks to Dejan, Nikica, Hrvoje and Antonela for being there in person and to the guys following via live streaming.

#weareparma #parmafamily

You lost the video? Here it is:


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