Parma: Small Town Big Family

Parma Fans Worldwide is a Network started by supporters set up for abroad fanbase of Parma. A fans-to-fans networking project built to bring Parma (Club and town) closer to non-italian fans, and abroad fans closer to Parma. We focus on the most human point of view of what being a Parma supporter means, that “kind of magic” we all feel once experiencing a match at the Tardini live or just walking through the beautiful city centre of Parma. 
Through a combination of work on various social channels (Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Telegram), and hidden social relationships (1 International Facebook closed group, 12 local Facebook closed groups, WhatsApp and Messenger chats in English, Spanish, Portuguese, HK Chinese) we have since August 2018, linked together Parma fans and sympathisers uniting them all under one worldwide fans account where all are able to communicate in the same network allowing them to talk and meet in person, most of the times in Tardini Stadium.
We have helped dozens of fans travelling to Parma, helping them finding tickets for home and away matches whilst giving them suggestions to ensure the had a memorable authentic local trip. 

The result was that we shared the passion of Parma, resulting in Parma followers becoming supporters and supporters becoming fans. 
In just a few months we had online visits from 120 different countries and we stimulated the creation of 4 Official Parma abroad fans clubs and at least 3 more to come soon; we have also proudly opened a Hong Kong based division – Parma Fans Worldwide Greater China – that is now running a proper Facebook Page and Twitter account as well as translating our website to Chinese, they have also produced their own fan merchandise; helped fans meet up with other fans in their town to watch Parma matches together, organize a combined purchase from the Official online Parma store or plan a trip to Italy they would never dare if alone.

Most of all we made away fans understand they are part of Parma Family, as SoloParma admin Gio testify with his words we proudly share with you:

We demonstrated to local Parma fans that abroad fans are real fans realizing a crazy video of a song that involved 70 people from 5 continents: it was our way to say “Thank You” to Club Legend Alessandro Lucarelli for staying despite bankruptcy and bringing us back to Serie A. It was a chance for those who couldn’t have the chance to meet him in person to send him this message through us: A united and coordinated abroad Fanbase is like the one we are dreaming to build is something unique and golden, people is discovering it.

Parma Fans Worldwide is feeding a virtuous chain in which everyone get benefits: network allow alone fans to find others in their country with the same Football fever and now they get the deserved reception when in Parma; Club increases and enforces his fan base; more fans attend live matches in Tardini (countertrend than the rest of Serie A) and someone is starting traveling with Parmesan fanbase also for away matches – check the Chloe Beresford article for FloFC:– as a demonstration of the improving relationship between local and abroad fans.

We are just at the beginning of our journey but we are proud of what we are building thanks to the trust and the support of everyone.

Parma is a small town but a big Family.

Join us.

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