Travelling Parmigiani: @parmacalcio_en Twitter account from the beach

Yeah, this is a news! Parma Calcio English Twitter account sent us a postcard for our #travellingparmigiani collection and now you have no reason not to do the same.

So, if you have a Parma jersey or scarf, follow these easy steps:

1 – wear them and get of in the street

2 – take a picture of you in your town. If you are not in your town even better, let’s mark the territory.

3 – sent it to us – on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email, as you like – and it will be displayed our Travelling Parmigiani photobook with a special mention

If you don’t have Parma jersey or scarf, click here, get one, wait almost one week. Once the postman arrives go back to step 1 one and follow the next.

Stop hiding, tell the World we are back, Crociati, com’on!


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