Next Parma fixture schedule

Lega Serie A just communicated next fixtures schedule. Take note and contact us as you decide to come for a match.

Parma vs Udinese – Sunday 26th January – 3 PM CET

Cagliari vs Parma – Saturday 1st February – 6 PM CET

Parma vs Lazio – Sunday 9th February – 6 PM CET

Sassuolo vs Parma – Sunday 18th February – 3 PM CET

Torino vs Parma – Sunday 23rd February – 3 PM CET

Parma vs SPAL – Sunday 1st March – 3 PM CET

Genoa vs Parma – Saturday 7th March – 3 PM CET

Parma vs Inter – Sunday 15th March – 6 PM CET

Hellas Verona vs Parma – Sunday 22nd March – 3 PM CET

Parma vs Fiorentina – Sunday 5th April – 3 PM CET

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