It’s singing time


We sincerly hope that also non facebook users can view the trailer video for Gli Scarrozzati show on sunday. You have no idea about what we are talking about? Read here then.

This is the refrain of the song we will sing all together at the end of the show with Paolo De Gregorio, Il Plin, gli Scarrozzati and secret special guest we will reveal on Sunday.

Here the refrain lyrics by Plin on “We are the world” music:

Tra due anni noi / Vinciam la Champions [in two years, we win Champions League]

Vinciam perchè ci abbiamo preso gusto tutti assieme [We’ll win because we all get to like it all together]

Finché Gli Scarrozzati / da Collecchio passeranno [until Gli Scarrozzati, will pass at Collecchio]

Vorrà dire che si festeggia tutti insieme a fine anno [It means that we will get party all together at the end of the season]



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