Empoli vs Parma tickets


Parma Calcio will face Empoli next Saturday in Castellani Stadium at 3 pm CET.

Tickets are already for sale ONLINE with no need for fidelity card.

Is possible to buy away fans “CURVA SUD OSPITI” at 20,80 euro until Friday 1st march at 7pm

This is the link for tickets https://empolicalcio.vivaticket.it/eng/event/serie-a-tim-stagione-2018-19-empoli-fc-empoli-fc-vs-parma-calcio/127612

For who is in Empoli, there is a box office inside Empoli Store in Piazza Della Vittoria otherwise here is the italian box office list by region.

If you are in Parma and want to travel with organized fans, Centro Coordinamento Parma Clubs organize daytrip form Parma with travel+stadium ticket+bbq lunch together with Empoli fans at 50 euro (for membership card holder). We are available to be the link with CCPC in case of translation or other needs.

We remember you that Parma and Empoli are long time friends, there is a “gemellaggio” that is running since 34 years.

A great match to experience on the stands.


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