Documentary on Lucarelli crowdfunding about to start

il mestiere del capitano davide potente alessandro lucarelli parma 2.jpg
credit to: Il mestiere del Capitano (Lux For Media)

Past 30th November, during Alessandro Lucarelli biography release event, the preview of documentary-movie teaser on Alessandro Lucarelli “Il mestiere del Capitano” [the Art of the Captain], produced by Luciano Parravicini (Lux For Media) and directed by Davide Potente, has been displayed.

Shooting started during past season and will go on, hopefully, next year thanks to a crowdfunding campaign that will officially start at the beginning of 2019 on Indiegogo portal and that all Parma – and Football – fans are invited to support economically.

Il mestiere del Capitano crowdfounding will last two months and could be supported with different quotes: linked to every quote of support there are some special gifts with the movie brand logo as a way to thank you for taking part to the project.

The budget quote is not the exact amount of money needed for the movie but it is lower due to the portal rules:  if the budget won’t be reached, the production will not receive any help. You will be charged only at the goal achievement. So, every single donation will be important for the realization of the documentary on Captain Lucarelli and the production is anyway in look for direct support from institutions or privates. You can contact them directly at

As the campaign will start you’ll find on Indiegogo portal all the informations in English and, of course, the English subtitled teaser!

We will update you soon. Meantime, follow Il mestiere del Capitano on Facebook and Instagram,

Stay ready for support this project, could be the best gift for a Parma fan!

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