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“On June 22, 2015, after the failure of the Parma Football Club, the team automatically retires in Serie D. All players hurry to settle in other companies, except one. Alessandro Lucarelli, the Captain, remains in the newborn Parma Calcio 1913 and chooses to start again from the amateur championship, with the promise to bring back the historic Parma in Serie A. Today, only 3 years later and at the age of 41 he succeeded.”

This is the post that few months ago introduced a quite mysterious cinematographic project on Alessandro Lucarelli named Il mestiere del Capitano, “the art of the Captain”, by Davide Potente and producer Luciano Parravicini (Lux For Media).

We just got the news that tonight – during Lucarelli biography release event – we’ll finally discover some more about it. There will be a preview of the teaser, that will be officially launched in public next weeks, at the fundraising campaign start.

We can’t wait to discover more on a documentary that talk about Alessandro Lucarelli “as a man and as a captain, and of how both are inseparable, when to reach the goal is ‘one of us'”.

Stay tuned.
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