Lucarelli biography



Now is real, Alessandro Lucarelli biography is finally available (in italian)!


by Alessandro Lucarelli

with Nicolò Fabris, Mattia Fontana and Guglielmo Trupo

Ultra Edizioni, 176 pages, 11,90 euro

You can buy it here: 

or mail your local Parma club if you prefer.

All Lucarelli profits will be donate for charity.

On 30th November night, at 9 pm in Auditorium Paganini in Parma, there will be the official release event. The announcer of the event will be Sky Sport journalist Alessandro Bonan.

IMPORTANT: at the moment English or other languages edition is not announced. CONTACT US if you work for a publisher or have some contacts or suggestion linked with editorial world in your country. We want to do our best in order that the book is translated.

As Capitano use to repeat, HIS story is OUR story.

Let the rest of the world know who we are.



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