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For a day, let’s stop talking about the fairytale of a reborn Parma Calcio that need just to  survive in Serie A.

Just for today, as a joke, let’s dream a bit, because playing agains AC Milan in San Siro evokes great, historical memories. And dare to dream is not a mortal sin.

If you want to watch again some hisorical Parma match, have a look at Footballia. After a free subscription you can watch many historical football full matches from their huge database. There you can find also some not-to-miss Milan vs Parma like 1994 Uefa supercup final or 1999 italian supercup final.

This is the story behind that Asprilla goal the meme is about, thanks to Facebook page Parma – Reggiana #maistatastoria for remembering us.

“AC Milan vs Parma 0-1, 21st march 1993

It’s 58th minute of the match, kick off right out of the box for Parma: Asprilla never shot,  but this time ask to Osio permission to do it. He is his great friend but he answer no, because ‘otherwise Scala will get angry’.

Then Tino go to the bench asking Scala permission to shot, but the coach also reiterated the prohibition.

He goes back to Osio and when he ask him what Scala said Tino answers: ‘He told me to kick’

And he shot the perfect kick that trick Rossi and goes under the crossbar: “Unbeatable” invincibility ends here.

Simply, Faustino Asprilla.”


Here the video about the winning against the “Unbeatable”.


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