Calcio Fans Worldwide: Kayce and Sampdoria

Experience Calcio (@ExpCalcio) is a Twitter account that want to connect abroad fans to Italian fan bases and Clubs, giving the deserved support when they look for practical information to come to a match in Italy. A fans-to-fans mutual support network to connect supporters, groundhoppers or simply Calcio followers.

Thanks to Parma Fans Worldwide that host this story – we hope the first of many – that testify the love for Calcio of a young Sampdoria fan that lives far away from Italy and a good opening by Sampdoria Club towards abroad fans, that are so important as locals, especially when their passion is big as Kayce one.

“My name is Achufusi Kayce (@doriab0y in Twitter) from Nigeria. I am a strong follower of the Serie A, Sampdoria and of course the Italian national team. A huge fan of Italian Calcio and have followed the league over the years. I also belong to a Serie A community here in Nigeria called The Calcio Square (@thecalciosquare in Twitter). 

Early this year the Sampdoria Twitter admin posted a photo about Alex, a young Sampdoria fan who was sent a postcard from Emil Audero. I responded to the tweet by asking the admin to send to me also and he went on to give me a target to reach on Twitter to win the prize: 1000 Retweets! Thankfully the Twitter family helped me to rack up the retweets and it was a success. I had my prize sent to me from the social media team and its was a great feeling to know that Captain Quagliarella signed the letter and got the other players to also sign the photo. Certainly one of the best days of my life to be recognized by the club as a fan. 

I also follow the league closely and watch the games weekly this season has been business as usual for Juventus unlike what we had last year when Sarri was still in Napoli; a real Scudetto challenge that went down to the wire. 

It’s a great feeling to see Parma back in the top flight. The team had bank problems in the past and were demoted to the lower divisions. Alessandro Lucarelli staying with the club during the hard times until they gained promotion last year. The Crociati are having a good season and of course their stay in the top flight this year is also guaranteed. My favorite player in the team now is Roberto Inglese.

I have not been to a game in Italy in my life I only watch on TV and interact with Serie A fans on social media. It would be a dream to visit Italy one day and see a match, of course the Derby della Lanterna would be my choice.”

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