Lucarelli event complete video


The party for Alessandro Lucarelli biography release it has been a wonderful, familiar, fun event. On the stage and on the seats many people that crossed Parma Captain professional life: his brother Cristiano – that have been the right-hand and for announcer Alessandro Bonan, Sky Sport journalist – co-authors Nicolò Fabris, Mattia Fontana and Guglielmo Trupo, former team mates like Sebastian Giovinco, Daniele Galloppa, Igor Protti, coaches like D’Aversa and Apolloni.

It has been the chance to hear memorable stories on the private Alessandro and to have the further confirmation of his humanity. Did we really need confirmation for that?

Here you find the complete video. During the night is has been shown the preview of the teaser of Il mestiere del Capitano, the documentary on Lucarelli last three years career as a man and as a player. It has been a privilege for few but stay tuned because the fundraising campaign in support for the documentary project will start soon.

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