Fixed low price for away fans in Tardini

It is still an unofficial news, because Parma Calcio 1913 will confirm it only once the stay in Serie A will be sure but the Club already announced they are working together with some other Clubs on a deal for fixed low price for away fans area.

The project is a common price decided together with the Clubs that will accept the proposal to improve the reception of Calcio supporters and bring fans closer to Football.

We are proud of these policies since one of many problems Italian Football attendance have is the ticket price, expecially for away fans that a part for bearing the cost for traveling they sometimes have difficulties in buy tickets with high prices (in bad stands). This season Parma fans found very various prices during away matches: from 10 euro in Marassi against Sampdoria to 30 in third ring against Ac Milan in San Siro to 45 in Juventus Allianz Stadium.

A fixed price for away fans would be an important step for demonstrating that Clubs cares about fans in stadium. We hope this project will succeed and that will be followed by many Serie A Clubs that will adopt family friendly politics and more in general, supporters friendly policies.

Football is made by Fans. Dont’ forget it.

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