Frosinone vs Parma tickets

Despite what we talk about since months and especially lately when Parma declared the intention to find an agreement with other Serie A Clubs for low and fixed away stand price, not all the teams think this is the way to follow.

Frosinone vs Parma will be played on a Wednesday night – 3rd April at 9 PM CEST – and tickets for away fans area costs 29,22 for over 70, under 18 and women and 34,34 euro for others,

The braves that will go can buy tickets at this link, our stand is the red “Settore Ospiti”.[sellShow]&cmd=tabellaPrezzi&pcode=7116778&tcode=vt0002862

Our suggestion, especially if you’re already in Parma, is to contact Centro Coordinamento Parma Clubs in order to travel by bus with them and at least save something on the travel costs. We can help in connect you with them if needed.

For who is not going, there is the Facebook Event where you can comment and share pictures with other Parma fans: “Frosinone vs Parma”

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