Together, in Cagliari

Someone arrived in Cagliari by ferry boat, the most by plane from different airports to watch the match in Sardegna Arena: a 32 hours trip – 48 for the brave Polish – in which we spent time together – CCPC, Boys, spare supporters – ate great food, enjoyed incredible weather, listened to a song contest on the bus, had (probably) too many drinks and yes, also watched a football match. But in the end, it was quite less important than the rest.

Because when you experience this, the result it is almost a detail.

As said, the assumption that it was easy to travel to Cagliari revealed to be true. And we tasted one more time a true, 100% genuine, family experience. Thanks to a group of people that share the same footballistic passion, even if declined in different ways.

Mention of honor, a part for Lukasz, Parma Club Poland President, goes ex aequo to Giamma and to Rolando “Brio”, a 92 – ninety-two – years old supporter that left Parma by coach at 3 am Saturday morning and arrived back home 32 hours later almost without sleeping. If you don’t trust us is because you never tried to fall asleep on Cagliari airport seats: mission impossible!

Rolando “Brio” in Centro Coordinamento office on 9th March 2019

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