Parma Fans Treble

It’s time to make some travel plan and why not make a treble!

We already told you about next Parma matches fixture list and that unfortunalely we still don’t know the exact time of last matches of the season but what we do know is that in 7 days you could have the chance to watch 3 straight Parma matches.

Parma will play against Atalanta in Tardini on Sunday 31st March at 12:30 PM CET, then in Frosinone on Wednesday evening and again home against Torino on Saturday 6th April at 3 PM CET: 7 days for 3 matches.

Consider that coming to Parma by plane you have plenty of different options – flying to and from Bergamo, Bologna, Milan or even Parma – and to go to Frosinone for the night Wednesday 3rd April game, Centro Coordinamento Parma Clubs organize really cheap travel by bus (match ticket included) from Parma.

Let us suggest to consider this option since during these home matches we already know there will be many other abroad fans coming to Tardini. These are not big matches so Curva tickets cost only 15 euro and as always under 14 enters almost for free in every area. Couple of abroad supporters already planned to add Frosinone away match to experience the unique atmosfere of an away travel with Parmesan fans. We can not guarantee it will be like when we were together in Cagliari, but surely a great experience for a supporter.

Write us for every curiosity about the matches, organization, ticket info. We are here for that.

We will never stop repeating: Parma is a small town but a big Family. You are already part of it but probably you still don’t know.

Experience it.

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