How to explain your wife


You know, you already know. ten minutes ago Parma Calcio and those evil people in Erreà Sport launched a new casual clothing line for everyday live inspired by iconic Black Phoenix jersey.

Here the link to the shop: and to presentation article:

And you, that swore yourself that after winter sales won’t buy other merchandise until the next season, now have the huge problem to explain your wife that, yes, that you really need that jacket and polo.

Possible scenarios are:

–  make the order and tell your partner that Parma Calcio made this special line as gift for frequent buyer customers. Burn invoice as you open the pack.

– ship to your office and realize a fake invoice. It is not so difficult if you could cheated your parents and professor with fake signatures when playing hoookie from school. At that time you didn’t have such technology like today and you succeeded anyway.

tell her the truth. Erreà designers and Parma marketing manager are evil people. They know you more than everyone else. No, they know you more than everyone else a part your wife (women are irritable). And it is not your fault if they fuc*ing produce the best football – and casual – merchandise ever.

Hope it works.

And no, she won’t let you wear it for your cousins wedding so don’t try cheating her saying you need it for the wedding venue.


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