The important thing is to honor it

The (double) second Parma Calcio jersey is out since today and it is a surprising change from the classic 90s looking striped kit that characterized the latest second jerseys in past seasons.

The two second kits are the negative of each other: a yellow one with a dark blue stripe on the chest (with the same texture of the new training line) and a blue one with a yellow stripe, quite classic Boca Juniors looking.

As in latest two years we will have 4 kits then.

As always the only one thing what we hope for is that who will deserve to wear it on the pitch will sweat and honor it.

Direct link to official Parma Calcio store:

Here the four kits

4 thoughts on “The important thing is to honor it”

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      1. Hi, thanks for responding. Sorry – can you clarify thanks – when you ask me to mail to you my “contacts”, do you mean my own contact details such as an email address? I thought that this was already provided via the form I complete to submit my query? Apologies for the confusion and happy to discuss.

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