Hors concours Superstars

🇮🇹 Versione italiana: https://parmafansworldwide.com/2020/04/23/superstar-fuori-concorso

The collection of your pictures for I più Bellelli contest is about to end since the stricter phase of quarantine is almost over: you have time until 23:59 CEST on 3rd May to send your pictures.

After that day, our Bellelli scientific committee will choose the pictures that will have access to the finals. All the finalists will receive as a prize our Homo Valdanito pin, created for the 20th anniversary of definitive goal.

We want to share now some pics that for obvious reason we can’t consider in the competition. Thanks to Marcio Amoroso, that kindly sent a recent picture of himself and always demonstrates affection for the Parma fan base, and also to our archivists that found two stunning really old photographies that perfectly fits for this contest.

You can see all the previously published pics on our Instragram channel – tag #TravellingParmigiani – or on our Facebook page, in a proper photo album.

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