Guglielmo is the most Bellelli!

After 5 fights and risking more than one time to be beaten, Guglielmo wins the title of “the most Bellelli Parma fan” with a preseason pic of some years ago.

We don’t know who the lady that is holding his hand is, but we like to think to her as a summertime love, because, you know, who can resist to the charm of such a jersey? [The truth is that she is his wife and she deserves the same glory as Guglielmo]

Guglielmo wins the Bellelli t-shirt and the Parma Fans Worldwide DADE COLLO scarf. To all other participants our Homo Valdanito pin.

Thanks to Guglielmo, the finalist Gianluca, the over 50 fans that took part to the contest and the hundreds of voters.

A special thanks to i più Bellelli di Parma – follow them on Instagram (link: and Facebook (link: – and to Tomas Brolin.

PS: Don’t stop sending your pics, we will publish them with the #travellingParmigiani hashtag.

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