Our legendary tale, in pictures

Cacioli and Lucarelli family (2015) – credit Lorenzo Cattani and ParmaFanzine.it

We use to talk about our three straight promotions like a sort of legendary tale: falling into Serie D, non professional forth division, rebuilding the whole club from zero, playing into countryside fields where our fans didn’t neither fit on the bleachers, when there were bleachers, was something weird, dramatic but definitely unique.

Probably, due to the distance and the lack of media coverage, the most of you just followed the results on internet or some football app and you didn’t have the chance to really taste how totally amazing past seasons were, especially serie D one, talking about a human perspective.

We would like to invite you to follow these links to Lorenzo Cattani website.

Like the Phoenix (an introduction)

1) The end, the rebirth and the new beginning

2) Again with Pro

3) One step to Heaven (coming soon)

Lorenzo is a talented non-professional photographer, huge Parma fan, that followed almost all the matches in last three years, at pitch side, during supporters travels, day by day until the fortunately usual celebrations in Piazza Garibaldi at the end of the season.

You will find some unique and unreleased pictures, especially talking about a human perspective that help you understand how this fall into football hell has been a sort of rediscovering Football roots, human relationships and strengthen Parma Family.

This will make you understand once more the human and professional greatness of our Captain Alessandro Lucarelli and the special love that fans in Parma have for the players that, shoulder to shoulder, fought with us until the deserved promotions and that now are represented by the last survivor, Yves Baraye.

Thanks to Lorenzo Cattani for his amazing work, part of which was displayed on well-know fans website ParmaFanzine.it On his website you will also find the whole archive, match by match: https://lorenzocattani.com/home/sport/calcio/

We invite you to follow his website/blog, like his Facebook pagewww.facebook.com/lorenzocattanipage – and send him comments directly or through us. And, who knows, maybe one day we could admire his picture in a book dedicated to our legendary tale.

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