Calaiò farewell letter


Emanuele Calaiò, arciere [archer], left officially the club yesterday to join Salernitana on permanent deal. You probably red our thank you to him, Gianni Munari and Yves Baraye).

He decided to publish a moving farewell letter through, that we thanks. Here the (non professional) translation:

Thanks Parma,

you are and always will be my home. Unfortunately the moment I would like arrive as later as possible arrived. After two years of goal, assist, victories and delights shared with mates, Club, with you fans, I have to greet. I do it with my heart in my throat and with a worry: after being protagonist to write Parma history I would like to close the ring and give my contribution even in Serie A. But unfortunately it has not been possible.

Thanks Parma,

you are and always will be my home. Even when I suffered, when we suffered. I know what you felt this summer, I tasted it on myself everyday. It went fine, now – thanks to you that gave me support – I feel like if I get off from a tornado and, with a deep breath, restart to breath and decided to begin again. Unfortunately far from Parma, but in football, like in everyday life, make choices is necessary. And respect them. This, even if it is not my decision, I respect it as I always thank for what did for me, giving me the chance to train until the end.

Since tomorrow a new adventure start. I don’t know if one day we will meet again, maybe with other roles, or as rivals. Never as enemies, this is a promise. Nobody knows what it is going to happen the important is having been there in the moment of need. I am proud of what we did, me,my team mates and you. I bring you with me.

Thanks Parma,

you are and always will be my home.”


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