A gift that touched Parma Calcio

credit: http://www.parmacalcio1913.com

As we published yesterday in advance, a group of Chinese fans sent a pack with 2000 mask to Parma Calcio at Collecchio training center.

What we still didn’t tell is what was inside the pack [translated from this article on Official Parma website]: ”Many support messages under the same motto ‘Chinese fans are with you against Corona Virus’. Here some example of permanent memories for every fans that lives far away his football love: pictures that represents those chances in which they could get in contact with what they care. Someone taking a pic with D’Aversa, some other with some legend of the past, someone proudly wearing a scarf or a crusaders jersey. A great gesture that, we can assure you, moved everyone. Thansk Nevin, thanks Parma Fans from China

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