Double Giovanni in the air

Little by little, Parma is jumping into podcast/radio landscape. After the milestone Mani Djazmi “World Football” dedicated to the Resurrection of Parma, recorded in the end of 2018, this week two important podcast talked about Gialloblù and in both of them Crusaders voice has been Giovanni Dougall, founder of Solo Parma (website, Instagram, Twitter)

Giovanni was interviewed in Episode 13 of Calcio Connection, a podcast about italian football co-hosted by Alex Donno (sports radio host in Miami) and Jerry Mancini (writer for TheLaziali and World Football Index) about our 2019/20 season and recent years. You can listen to Calcio Connection on Apple Podcast, Google Play, Spotify and follow their tweets on

Our Scottish fan was also the protagonist of brand new podcast about abroad fans called Far Away Fan Pod, that we talked about during past days. In his episode Giovanni talked more intimately about himself and the growing of his Parma passion, started with Buffon and encouraged by Alessandro Lucarelli. Here a resume of the contents:

Take your time and listen to it, we are sure many of you will recognize themselves in his words. Don’t miss it:, Twitter @FarAwayFanPod, Instagram @FarAwayFanPod

Listen to both and then write us if for you it is time to think about a Parma Calcio Podcast. We always look for suggestions and contributors.

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