Agreement to cut wages

We report from Parma Calcio Official website the news about a wages cut:

“Parma, 15th april 2020 – Parma Calcio 1913 communicates that all his members (managers, first team staff, sport director, collaborators, and all the players) gave availability to reduce annual emolument – in the measure of one monthly salary – because of the sanitary emergency that is stopping every sport activity causing huge economical loss to the Club. The integration to the individual agreements, that will not involve youth team areas and that will be applied from a minimum annual threshold, will be perfected as soon as possible, in respect of the laws.

Parma Calcio 1913, waiting to understand if sanitary condition of the country will let or not a restart of professional activities this season, would like to thanks all his member for the demonstration of sense of responsability in this difficult moment, that needs common sense and a constructive spirit by all the company characters.

In this, it enters the solidal project ‘Banca Ore’, activated in past weeks and that see the possibility for all the employees not members to donate to the colleagues vacation hours, so that a internal holiday plan will be re-organized not asking for the social safety nets, until now not asked to the Government.”

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