There are friends

We translate and publish the letter that Centro Coordinamento Parma Clubs just sent together with a donation to Assistenza Pubblica di Parma. Proud to be, as Official Parma Fans Club, member of Centro Coordinamento. In WikiParma section yo can read our deepening on Centro Coordinamento Parma Clubs.

There are friends that, as volunteers since always, every day, continually, are servicing Parma town and province […] for every need that is related with our Parmesan people health. They are the guys of Assistenza Pubblica di Parma, that are at our side in Ennio Tardini Stadium as first aid during Parma Calcio matches.

We always supported them, sometimes with important donations, like when we recently bought a fully accessorized ambulance, for the big relationship they created with Parmesan people.

In this moment, In which these friends of us are facing the bigger health emergency in last decades, Centro Coordinamento Parma Clubs decided to be once again by their side donating them 5000 euros.

This venture, like the donation of 25.600 euros to the Parma Hospital, was possible thanks to the support of the big Parma Family

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