Ciao Massimo

credit: CCPC

When ParmaFansWorldwide ordeal started we couldn’t imagine it would grow so fast and so freely as it did. Surely it happened thanks to the passion of you all, but nothing could be possible without the open-mindedness, the kindness, the friendliness and the curiosity of some people that helped us, giving us the support and motivations to go on in the project of a worldwide Parma fans network.

One of those inspirational person, Massimo Zannoni, aged 72, passed away yesterday.

A part from being huge collector, historical memory of the Club and co-founder of Parma Museum association, President of Parma Club Mediolanum and writer, beloved professor for generations of students (read Gigi Buffon Instagram memory post here, between the others), he was a friend.

He was our friend and was a friend for all the fans we used to bring the Tardini’s Ernesto Ceresini Museum on match day, to whom he always asked us to translate his memories of some old experience as a Parma supporter. You can’t imagine how many epic stories Massimo could tell you.

He was so proud and enthusiast for our project he organized, in February 2019, a lecture dedicated to the abroad Parma support and we will always be thankful for that.

Massimo, we are sorry not having the chance to listen anymore to your epic tales as a traveling supporters and as a curious man, but we are sure you’ll always have an audience for that.

Ciao, Crociato Massimo!

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