One year ago

One year has passed since the day of the release of our first common project as a worldwide fans network: the concept, production and show of a song dedicated to Alessandro Lucarelli as a way to thank him for what he did for the Club and all of us.

Thanks to the collaboration of Plin – the Gialloblu satirical commentor – and Centro Coordinamento Parma Clubs we could make our official debut in front of all the players and board during “Natale Gialloblu”, the dinner organized by CCPC to wish merry Christmas to the Club.

It has been the first time we went under the spotlights after months of hidden networking and support to all the fans spread around the world that would like to visit Tardini or simply find someone to share their passion with.

Waiting for the new edition of Natale Gialloblu – planned on 10th December – we share with you some unreleased pictures of that night. We just wanna remember you that we are still here, in Parma and almost everywhere around the world, to help all the Hidden Crusaders feeling part of the Parma Family.

Thanks to Willi Bonati for the pictures.

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