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Second self-introduction for abroad Parma Official fans club. Nick from Giannina tells the story behind his club, Parma Club Grecia, recently become official. Greek delegation use to come to Parma every year, discover some pictures in the slide show. Look forward for meeting you in Parma vs Lazio match on 21st October!

“Hi to all Parma family. My name is Nick Paramithiotis and I live in Greece. The first acquaintance with Parma was the Christmas of 1997, when my little brother gave me a gift, the 2nd official shirt of 1997/98. This would be the beginning of a big passion and a big love for Parma. My childhood dream was a Greek club of Parma and that dream came true in the summer of 2012. The goal of Parma Club Grecia is to unite all of Parma’s Greek fans and keep the flag of the team up, also in Greece. The beginning was difficult, but the club now has over 100 members. Just a month ago, our club became a official member of Centro Coordinamento Parma Clubs. We would like to thank Parma Fans Worldwide for help.

Everyday we publish on our Facebook page news for our favorite team, tributes to the history of the team, to the players who have played in Parma, to the fans and many others. Every year we travel to Parma to see the team. Our club is the only one in Greece that has made a trip to the lower championships like Serie D, keeping our promise that good and bad, we will be there. We also have our own store with products such as t-shirts, hoodies, hats, scarfs and many more, for all Parma Fans.

Thank you for hospitality. See you in Parma on October 19th.


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