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[UPDATED POST – changes in seasonal tickets use]

Parma Calcio vs Napoli tickets  – Sunday 24th Februaryat 6pm CET – are now for sale.

Ticket sale is available only in Italian Ticketone box offices, so NO ONLINE SALE.

Curva Nord and Tribuna Est are sold out with seasonal tickets. Curva Sud tickets (25 euro, 5 euro for under 14) are available only in Parma province and for Parma province residents. Away fans area tickets (3800 seats, 40 euro, 5 for under 14) are for sale until 23rd February at 7 pm: for Napoli province residents is needed SSC Napoli Fidelity Card, otherwise no need for fidelity card.

Tribuna Centrale Petitot (150 euros, 5 for under 14), Tribuna Laterale Petitot (100 euro, 5 for under 14) and Tribuna Laterale Ovest (70 euro, 5 for under 14) will be possibly on sale later, and only in case of Parma Calcio official communication.

Tickets can’t be passed from a person to another, and ALSO seasonal tickets can NOT be borrowed, despite what usually happened before.

Read below recommendations for next matches:

As Parma Calcio wrote on his website official tickets will not be for sale until at least 10 days before the match. This means to beware by who try to sell you tickets before that date.

We recently related with many abroad fans that bought tickets with large advance from some website, not trustable as said by Parma Calcio, that communicate to them few days before the match that tickets were not available. Since the low ticket availability Parma – unfortunately for abroad fans – lately put on sale tickets just in italian box offices.

Contact us or your local Parma fans club in order to receive fans-to-fans support.

Here the tickets pricelist, against Napoli will be a “big match” so check second column prices.

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