Thanks for all, Crusaders


As you already know on Parma Calcio website there is the list of winter transfer market movements. We almost never talk about this matter here. We don’t like jump into transfer rumors, joining polemics on who is good or who is not. We support the Club, trying being not taking sides.

But since our mission is bring Parma closer to abroad fans (and viceversa) we are always focused on news related with the most human perspective of supporting Parma Calcio, and the relationship between town, Club, players and fan base.

The reason of this post is to thank three real Crusaders that left officially yesterday. Our dream – as we wrote in our Santa Claus list of desire that probably got lost around North Pole – was to see them play in serie A with us. The happened only for Gianni “Worlverine” Munari for few minutes on unlucky home match with Spal.

This is football and we don’t blame anyone for this decision: professionals have to act as professionals. But, allow us to act like fans like we are and being sad for their departure.

Emanuele, Gianni, Yves, you will always be in our supporters heart.

Good luck and thanks for all, Crusaders.



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