Forse, chissà…

pic from by Marco Vasini

We have total respect for coach D’Aversa and his staff decisions, and we also know that all this story is bothering him, that is such a work maniac professional, but what happened is amazing.

Ten days ago we posted as a joke on Instagram a picture with #giveYvesaChance hashtag. Then at the beginning of this week the Boys Parma 1977 appeal made us realize the dream of seeing Baraye play 5 minutes in Serie A was universally shared.

Most known Italian Facebook groups relaunched and amplified the appeal, adding #1minutoperBaraye [one minute for Baraye] hashtag and arriving to the most known local press: not just ParmaPress24, but also Parma and Gazzetta di Parma, also in the paper version. Plus various radio and Tv programs.

A part for the virality of the appeal, the most amazing thing is the humanity that filters from every single support message: starting from the surprise party organized by Boys Parma 1977 last night to the fans that share their personal experiences with this Legend – yes, Legend – with pictures with him on the bleachers, in charity events or in training center that show a huge and respectful man behind a great player.

We don’t know if Baraye will play tomorrow, if he will score against juve or if he will never put Parma jersey on. We know we are proud of realize, once again, that Parma fans community, Parma Family, is so close and able to recognize clearly its own heroes and give them the proper recognition.

Still dreaming, anyway. #giveYvesaChance #1minutoperBaraye

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