Last hours to choose the first kit ever



Still 24h left to choose your fovourite Parma first kit ever in our poll.

The final match is running on our Facebook page at this link between 1989-90 kit and 1998-99 kit:

Deadline will be Sunday 12nd at 7 pm CET.

We present this game in collaboration with Geo Edizioni and, the editor and the graphic designer of fundamental two volumes archival book on all Parma kits since beginning to restart in Serie D:

La maglia nel cuore. Parma, I colori della passione” by Carlo Fontanelli and Michele Tagliavini, Geo edizioni and graphics project by Studio Makia srl

If you are interested in the book you can find it here and on Geo edizioni page. The suggestion is to write directly to them to for all the info or ask us, as usual, and will be your neutral intermediary.

You have  one week but don’t wait the last minute. Go to this link –  and vote!
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