In San Siro or in Hong Kong the reason is yellow and blue



We don’t know it it will be the first time ever but for us it will be surely a first preview. Our bigger step since now was international whatsapping while watching a match, so today we will definitely step up.

As usual since the beginning of the season there will be a mixed abroad fans gathering during Parma match. In San Siro there will be mainly Balkans – almost always present! – and UK fans joining other Parma supporters in Scala del Calcio third ring green.

On the other side of the world, in Hong Kong, recently born and very active Parma Calcio supporters group “Parma Fans Worldwide – Greater China” – a joint venture between HK and Macau Parma Fans – organized together with AC Milan Hong Kong fans club an event. They will meet and share time together, playing Fifa, eating, drinking and, of course watching the match.

What we will try to do, if 4G will work good, is a live video call from San Siro stadium during the break. Just to say “hi”, share few minutes together and realize that we are all there for the same reason: with different stories, yes, but with the same passion for yellow and blue. And especially contributing create a network of people that like to share time together even if far away.

Here are all the channels to join our network and find other Parma fans in your country and worldwide:

“Parma Fans Worldwide”

All other Parma supporters channels:


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