6000 fans and all the channels growing



We just reached 6000 fans on Facebook page where everything started from… thank you!

Our dream to create a network of all Parma fans outside Italy is everyday getting more real… follow us, write us, knock – info[at]parmafansworldwide.com – if you are there… we need you, Parma needs you!

We quickly jump out from Facebook and opened other channels we resume here, but stay tuned because soon, really soon, great news are coming.

English News Feed: www.swite.com/parmafansworldwide

English News Feed on Facebook: www.facebook.com/parmafansworldwide

Facebook closed group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/637005296640150

Twitter: www.twitter.com/parmafansww

Instagram: www.instragram.com/parmafansworldwide

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