Season Review – Epilogue

Football, like life, is a story to tell and our story, in last three years, IS the football.

We do it from fans to fans: even if translation is rough we are sure you will appreciate it anyway.

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EPISODE 8 (Epilogue) – “Noboby never like us”

On 12nd may parma awaits for Bari, that could be last home match of the season. Cesena lost can be lethal for players moral: “After Cesena we were disappointed, until 5 minutes to the end we were winning a fundamental match: like I told to guys, as delusion pass, we have to think that we did something great, i wanted to focus on positive aspects: if three games before the end of the season we are about to play such important match it was their worth”, Mister D’Aversa says before the match.
We win 1-0: Gagliolo is the scorer. “We still believe in it. I’m sure that on Friday Foggia will make his match, trying to bring some points to home. We have to go to Spezia, win and believe” our defender motivate the team.

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On 17 may D’Aversa arrives in Collecchio for last press conference of regular season: “We have to do our best, be satisfied and proud of what we did, with a great desire to do it well till the end”.
On 18 we step the pitch of Picco in La Spezia. We have to win and hope that Frosinone in his home will not beat Foggia.
We know everything of that night, after 10 minutes Crusaders go forward with Ceravolo. In the second half Ciciretti, that scores his first oral with our colors. Meanwhile Foggia go forward in Frosinone then takes two goals for the temporary 2-1. When the match is about to finish Foggia draw. Spezia game ends but we have to wait until the end of Frosinone match.
Do you remember how is goes, right?
Parma Calcio is back to Serie A,oh yessss!

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Party continues all night long with the arrival of the tema in Piazza Garibaldi. Party will go on several days, because the target we reach is historical: Parma is first italian team ever got three straight promotions.
On Sunday 27th may in Tardini there is the great embrace with all the fans: there are all the protagonists of last promotion plus more that in previous years contributed to this triple jump. Most emotional moment of the whole night was when the trait d’union of this mission step the stage: The Captain. He has something really important to say: “Believe me, I say this with a huge knot of fear in my throat and with my heart that screams: I am proud of being part of your history, of being Captain of this team, of wearing this wonderful shirt, of being Alessandro Lucarelli, one of yours.”
Lucarelli leaves played football and Parma calcio pull back his number 6. The circle close. And now a new season and a new adventure is waiting for us.

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