Summer rumors are not for me


First of all thanks to Mario and Yves that accepted (!) to play along.

This is not a post about summer rumors because we don’t like summer rumors. Mainly the sense of the post is make the play on words that only who knows Parmesan dialect and summer rumors around Parma can understand. Them and Andrea Alongi, but this is another story. Not few people if this website wasn’t just for fans abroad…

Actually we are neither so sure about the grammar, shame on us!

Understand us, it’s summer, it’s hot and it’s three years we are waiting for OUR serie A to restart. And it will restart with a home match, if you lost schedule read here.

Well, we don’t know if Balotelli is coming or not.

We don’t know nothing but official communication by Society.

We just want to say that whatever… whoever… we will be there.

By Parma side.

#chedobali #summerrumors #thisisparma


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